Need an online doctor appointment scheduler that is HIPAA compliant and has telephone reminders?

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Designed to help under-staffed medical clinics, ANGELA combines online doctor appointment scheduler functions with a 24/7 automated medical receptionist system.

Using ANGELA as an online scheduler is just one of the benefits, remember: ANGELA does so much more...

With her sweet friendly voice, she is capable of making automated reminder calls to patients in their preferred language.

As a virtual medical receptionist, she can take phone calls from patients, engage in natural language dialogue, search and set appointments of a patient's choice, and even forward their calls to a clinic emergency contact number or voicemail by request.

ANGELA stands out as an excellent doctor appointment scheduler because:

  • It has a modern visual design that is very easy to use.
  • It can reverse your patient no-shows revenue loss with automated email reminders, mobile text message reminders and telephone appointment reminders.
  • Your monthly fee for the reminder service is equivalent to the cost of ONE no-show; expect her to pay you back easily by slashing your patient no-shows and reverse your revenue loss.
  • The system can automatically sync your appointment info with Google Calendar so you can manage your schedule from a handheld device such as iPhone, BlackBerry or Smart-phone.
  • You can check your appointments on a cell phone via single-word command SMS or text message.
  • It is designed to be HIPPA compliant with strict security and privacy protections.
  • It has very useful detailed logs on your reminder calls, cancellations, and no-shows.
  • You can customize it for your own medical specialty.
  • It supports shared practice (multiple doctor scheduling).
  • Patient reminder languages support: English, Spanish, French and Chinese.
  • It allows you to control all or individual patient's access to your service.
  • It has many useful features developed based on doctors suggestions; 24 hour appointment freeze to prevent unjustified appointment cancellations, reminder logs, cancellation and reschedule logs, no-show logs, individual patient service suspension.
  • You can set ANGELA up to perform multi-tasking for your practice; use her as appointment scheduler, or virtual receptionist, or both.

Play this Medical Receptionist and Online Scheduler Demo to see more features of ANGELA that could be useful to your business.

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